30 May 2011


♥ Ceri makes... enjoyed a long bank holiday weekend in Brighton. Despite a lack of sunshine along with the hen group I was with we made the most of taking shelter in the quirky cafes, our favorites being Tic Toc and Marwood.

We finished our action packed weekend (...quad biking, shooting, archery, dancing, beach exploring) with a trip to Jamie Oliver's Recipease for a quick course in fesh filled pasta making. Our lovely instructor Lucy guided us through the simple pasta recipe using the super easy to remember 100g flour to 1 medium egg ratio. Once we had mixed, kneaded, rested our dough and put it through the imperia pasta machine we were ready to get filling with our simple but delicious pea, ricotta, mint and parmesan filling. Lucy showed us a few clever tricks to make different shapes and then showed us how to make a butter, mint and lemon sauce to complement the finished pasta. The results were fab...

♥ Ceri makes... xx

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  1. Wow - that pasta looks amazing! So tasty. A pasta machine is next on the list for our household :D can't wait!