20 May 2012

Jubilee bunting...

♥ Ceri makes...  had a mini adventure to the sticks today to visit my lovely friends Russ and Amelie who are expecting their first baby in August.  Not that I need an excuse to get crafty but I couldn't resist making some simple jubilee themed bunting for their jubilee baby!  Here is the super cute London themed fabric I bought in the fabric haven that is the Wimbledon Sewing Machine Co...

Almost there...

The finished bunting...

Hope the baby likes it!

♥ Ceri makes xx


  1. Thanks Cezza B! The baby will certainly love it - how could he/she not?! xx

  2. The baby WILL like it - how could he/she not?! Thanks Cezza! xx

  3. Sooo looking forwards to meeting the baby in August!! Exciting times xx