9 September 2012

Grease is the word...

♥ Ceri makes...  took a trip to Rydell High last night at the Future Cinema screening of Grease in SW London. 


As always the Future Cinema team had done an amazing job in recreating all my favourite bits from Grease...  we nipped into Frenchies house to check our make up,  hung out with some jocks on the school field,  took a quick ride in the T-Birds car,  had a milkshake at the Frosty Palace,  hopped on the Ferris Wheel at the graduation fair and danced the night away at the National Bandstand dance contest  ...SO much fun!

Look out for upcoming Future Cinema events by subscribing to their email group - http://www.futurecinema.co.uk/

♥ Ceri makes...  xx

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