18 December 2011

Sunday sushi making...

♥ Ceri makes...  spent the afternoon at a sushi making class at Suzu in West London,  a birthday treat from RWF.  Despite having a copy of the Yo Sushi cookbook I hadn't been brave enough to ever attempt making any!  So I was pleased to give it a go under the careful guidance of our teacher Makiko.  Her tops tips included wrapping your bamboo rolling matt in clingfilm and making sure that your hands are a little greasy,  we used grapeseed oil for this in the class.  Another essential is a super sharp knife as the nori can be quite tricky to cut through,  but this is also made easier by using a sawing like motion when cutting.  After making a selection of maki,  nigiri and inside out rolls we enjoyed the results with some yummy plum wine. 

It really did taste as good as it looks!

♥ Ceri makes... xx

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